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Jack, join the Light Troops.

10 Dec

Jack: You know, I should be annoyed, but, this is a very good effort. Nicely done on your part; I must decline though.

My Retirement

27 Jul

Today marks my retirement of all armies and xat. I have had an amazing time with my friends, my haters, and my rivalry against many others.
I first started off on the server Alaska, December 2013, seeing some nachos mass recruiting. I looked them up and found the CPAC site and saw many other armies. My eyes locked onto the Dark Warriors. I”King” my name was. I remember Freezie, Spi101, Crazy, and Pufpuf leading the
Dark Warriors. I was bullied and abused and never talked to in my early days, I almost quit armies because of this. Thats when Final Chaser (DW 3ic) recruited me into the Golds Army of Club Penguin. The Golds were very nice to me, and informative towards new recruits. I got moderator within a 1-2 month period and got moderator in the DW in about 3 months. That is where I began to be noticed. The Dark Warriors were my home and i’ve made many friends in both Golds and the Dark Warriors of Club Penguin. Soon after, I was an owner in the Golds and the Dark Warriors. A couple weeks after being an owner in the Dark Warriors Elmikey joined and removed all of the Owners and Moderators and made them members. I quit the Dark Warriors later on. I’ve rejoined and quit many times before I made my final decision to just quit. I started to focus more on the Golds Army of Club Penguin and I was stuck at 2ic for quite some time. After Whats up11 retired from leadership, he made me the new US leader of the Golds. Out of nowhere, I was couped and Andrew24 then took my place. The Golds and the Dark Warriors were both of my homes and where most of my friends were at. After I was couped, many rebelled against me and I thought my army career was over. I decieded to join the ACP. (Which many of my friends hated me for this) I started off a mid member and moved up to a moderator in a month. The next month I got to brigadier general and the next month 5ic. I was well liked by my peers and was made an ACPRF Director in the ACP. I risen the ACPRF to great heights. My time is up in Club Penguin Armies and my decision is final.

Special thanks

Aeropos: Thanks for your support and you were a great friend.

Flipmoo: Thanks for assisting me into becoming one of the best and leading me

in the best club penguin army, the Army of Club Penguin.

Purpleslime: Thanks for leading me in the best club penguin army, the Army Of Club Penguin.

Bobcatboy: Thanks for helping me out when I was a newcomer to ACP. Your amazing.

Bquik: Thanks for teaching me more about club penguin armies and leadership tips.

Freezie: Thanks for being the best Dark Warriors leader.

Trader: You are my main man and you must Private Chat me NOW to discuss future plans.