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Five Points

5 Apr
  • The group overseeing SMAP seems to agree that Gar has an ego that is detrimental to him as CEO. I suggest you issue him a blunt ultimatum in which you state he has to get his shit together or get fired.
  • SMAP needs to make its posts more interesting. I am leaving this vague and up to the CEO. No one gives a shit if the Salad Warriors of CP returns.
  • If SMAC can manage to get a consistent amount of comments on each post, SMAP should be able to. Having zero comments on any post is unacceptable. Furthermore, we can use this to deduce that the posts aren’t interesting enough to be viewed.
  • The staff needs to get its shit together grammatically. On one level, there are mistakes riddled through most posts. Whoever does the job of commenting critque seems to be going too easy; spell check and a read through or two is not hard. On another level, they need to use adjectives better. ‘X’ army is not evil, ‘X’ army did not shock the community by declaring war on the Samra Warriors. Posts should be a flowing and concise narrative.
  • If the board overseeing SMAP cannot convince the chief authority of SMAP, Gar, to take an honest initiative to fix these problems, there needs to be serious questioning of how to move forward — dismissing Gar, or keeping him