Archive | December, 2013
Aside 29 Dec

    A clash of two armies has begun. Today, the Rebel Penguin Federation has declared war on the Nachos. This interesting turn of events has been the breaking point for a long history of tension. To say the least, both armies have not been friendly with each other in the past. A grudge is held by both sides ever since the summer war between the two. Right now, we can hardly perceive what is going to come when this war is over. But one thing is evident, the losing side will have a burden that will affect them for a long time to come.

     Examining both sides of the spectrum, each has an interesting take on their reasons for war. The RPF have vaguely stated their reasons for the conflict. The rules they’ve laid down are, “Keep it clean, no allies, and no flame posts.” While on the other end, the Nachos have a through speech about their reasons, and desired outcome. Exerts from the speech say things such as, “The Rebel Penguin Federation must be sent back to where it belongs”, “These brutes jumped in on us in our weakest times”, and “I ask whoever aligns themselves with these brutish Rebels in the war to reconsider their stance.” These quotes shed light onto a strong hatred of the RPF. They beckon from their #5 CPAC position, to RPF’s #1 position, daring them to come their way. This examination shows the possible forming of a long dragging conflict. The Nachos stand with a very confident war cry, while the RPF are tall with their high ranking army position. 

     In conclusion, both sides seem ready for war, taking it with a very bold position. Evidence shows that the war will drag, and define the future course of each side. A mere deceleration of war is something we are very used to. But this one will shake the foundations of simple life in the Nachos, and RPF. In the end it all comes down it. War in Club Penguin armies, something we are very used too, will once again surprise, shock, and show us it is more than meets the eye.